Thursday, July 7, 2016

Glow worm inquiry

WALT gather information on a New Zealand native insect.

Riccarton House

WALT write a descriptve piece of writing
Riccarton House

When I was walking quietly in the mansion I was scared.Then I heard a screech noise, I felt cold inside the mansion. I looked behind me and it was nobody. So I looked inside the big and small rooms and there was nobody again. I heard another screech noise and it was coming from the squeaky wooden stairs so I crept down the wooden stairs.

Nobody was down there, then I heard something go past me. I was so scared I think it was a friendly ghost maybe it was Jane Deans because she had died in the mansion.  So I ran out of the mansion and I locked the  wooden doors.  

I felt really scared and I never wanted to go back in the house again.