Thursday, July 7, 2016

Riccarton House

WALT write a descriptve piece of writing
Riccarton House

When I was walking quietly in the mansion I was scared.Then I heard a screech noise, I felt cold inside the mansion. I looked behind me and it was nobody. So I looked inside the big and small rooms and there was nobody again. I heard another screech noise and it was coming from the squeaky wooden stairs so I crept down the wooden stairs.

Nobody was down there, then I heard something go past me. I was so scared I think it was a friendly ghost maybe it was Jane Deans because she had died in the mansion.  So I ran out of the mansion and I locked the  wooden doors.  

I felt really scared and I never wanted to go back in the house again.


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  2. Ni hau Mikaere. My name is Reagan and I am from Mamaku 2. I really liked your descriptive piece of writing. It reminded me when we did our show not tell writing and had to use some descriptive words. Is the Riccarton House real or made up? From Reagan

  3. Kia ora, thank you Reagan for your comment, yes this story is made up but my class and I heard there was a real ghost inside Riccarton House named jane deans.

  4. Kia ora, my name is Jessica and I am from Mamaku 2 at Grey Main School. I really like how you have used heaps of descriptive words in your piece of writing. It reminded me when we had to do our Show and Tell piece of writing and had to use heaps of descriptive words. Is it a made up story or is it true? Maybe you could use some Fanboys to make your sentences more longer.
    good bye.


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