Monday, August 29, 2016

Rio rainforest

I am a black panther getting ready to race I am  fast as a car I am strong as metal. I stub my toes into the hard brown grown and the grass tickles my black legs. I am black as the night sky and my eyes are yellow as the bright sun.Then I put my bum up in the sky to get ready to race then I race theory the green bush then I saw a snake on the tree and I saw a cheetah next to me and I was just beating him.
Then I saw the finish line so I sprinted to the finish line and I won and then I changed back into a human and I saw everybody too.


I slowly fly through the window and the wind was whistling
past my face. I land on the warm carpet. I walked on the creaky floor and the wooden floor was brown as  brick. I grabbed an egg and cracked it on the pink ballet shoes and the egg yoke was really thick. Then I was going to do the other children and after that I would be finished.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Cristiano Ronaldo

WALT use videos to make our writing better.
We know we can do this we we have done all these things:
Capital I in the correct places.
Capital Letters.
Adjectives and smilies.

I went to football match and bonked heads with
Cristiano Ronaldo then I woke up and feeling
different I looked around. I was in a mansion
and I said to myself this isn't my house. I looked in the mirror and I screamed aaaaaaaaaaaaa .I ran down the stairs and a lady gave me some keys.I opened the door to the garage and I jumped in the shiny red car. I went back and crashed it. I drove to a football game and then I saw Cristiano Ronaldo.Then someone kicked the ball then Cristiano Ronaldo was running to get the ball. Next I started to run. Then we bonked heads again and er went back to normal. Then I smelled bacon and eggs.       

Thursday, August 11, 2016

WAL the kupu for the olympics

success criteria we know we have done this when
we have a correct image for each kupu hou.