Friday, August 11, 2017

Whale Fantasia.

Hi my name is big Henry they call me that because I am the biggest whale in the Pacific ocean. I was just swimming with my whale friends we were telling jokes and stuff.

Suddenly I saw a boat it had some spears they were hunters. So me and my friends swam away. But my best friend got caught, his name was Frank.

I went back to help him but the hunters caught him before I could help him I was so sad. Suddenly I saw some humans they were dancing in the water for some reason so I started to dance too. They were touching me so I said “get away from me.” It was a lot of fun we danced for 20 minutes I left the humans that I didn’t know.I swam away I said goodbye but I don't think they understood me.

Suddenly the best thing happen to me.  I saw Frank he had cuts on his face and some bruises and it looked like he had a broken tail. So I helped him up and took him to the whale hospital. The whale nurse took him into the room where they are gonna put him into a coma to do some surgery.

I waited for an hour and then the whale nurse came and she had good news and some bad news. I said “Can I have the good news please.” She said “Frank is still alive but the bad news is he has a broken tail and a broken fin so he won't be able to swim.” I was so sad I went to the room that he was in and said “unlucky bro.”

He was asleep so he didn’t hear me. I went out of the room that he was in, I didn’t know what I went in there for, just to see him properly.

A year has gone by and Frank is ok he can swim again. THE END

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