Thursday, November 23, 2017

Poha to kirihou.

This term we have been learning about how food preservation has changed since the early days I have learnt that it is better to use beeswax warp then glad wrap.

Friday, September 22, 2017

The piano

WALT write a descriptive piece of writing from the old man’s point of view as he recall his memories.
The Piano

I am a old reckley man I am playing the piano and thinking about my memories in the past. So I play the oil black piano as I was playing it I thought about my wife she was kind and lovely. I remember when we went to Paris it was so fancy then New Zealand and the snails that they sale were kinda disgusting. I remember when she baked the best stuff for me they were really yummy.

I kept playing the piano I thought about when I was in the war. Me and my best friend had a plan it was going well but something went wrong. My friend got shot I ran to him and =tried to save him but I was too late.

I kept going I thought about a happy memory it was my 6th birthday. When my dad got me a toy horse that had a wooden wheel at the end it was my favorite toy. I played with it for an hour every day as I got older I didn’t play with  it that much so I gave it to my grandson. He was happy he came to me and played the piano with me. He said to me “when I grow up i'm gonna be like you and play the piano.” THE END   

Te Ngahere

WAL about te ngahere, the rakau, the kararehe, the manu and the risks to the forest.


Friday, August 18, 2017

Thing link stink bug

The wizard


The wizard

Hi my name is Ace and I am an evil,ugly wizard.I am walking to a mansion where I am going to do some evil magic. I am going to haunt  this building with my butler Frank, he eats furniture. Then we are going to take over the world.We will blow it up and live on the moon and we will build a wall and make an underground house and we will have lots of water like 1 million and we will have lots of food. We are gonna have our own KFC and Burger king and domino's ,frank loves dominoes and subway and some sushi. We got a bounce house inside of it and some trampolines like mega air. It had some pools in side. It's got hydro slide too.  Here we are going to blow up the world with lots of bombs BOOM!!!!! 2 days later we are on the moon “What a journey that was.” I said to my butler we were getting fat because all of the junk food that we were eating. I was worred that we will float in the air because  we were so fat but we didn’t. Because we had some weight on us but when we went to bed we took off our weights and flew away. We smashed through all  of the walls and flayed into the atmosphere.We had to hold our breath but we died because we didn’t hold our breath for a long time. I think that was karma for blowing up the world. THE END   

Friday, August 11, 2017

Whale Fantasia.

Hi my name is big Henry they call me that because I am the biggest whale in the Pacific ocean. I was just swimming with my whale friends we were telling jokes and stuff.

Suddenly I saw a boat it had some spears they were hunters. So me and my friends swam away. But my best friend got caught, his name was Frank.

I went back to help him but the hunters caught him before I could help him I was so sad. Suddenly I saw some humans they were dancing in the water for some reason so I started to dance too. They were touching me so I said “get away from me.” It was a lot of fun we danced for 20 minutes I left the humans that I didn’t know.I swam away I said goodbye but I don't think they understood me.

Suddenly the best thing happen to me.  I saw Frank he had cuts on his face and some bruises and it looked like he had a broken tail. So I helped him up and took him to the whale hospital. The whale nurse took him into the room where they are gonna put him into a coma to do some surgery.

I waited for an hour and then the whale nurse came and she had good news and some bad news. I said “Can I have the good news please.” She said “Frank is still alive but the bad news is he has a broken tail and a broken fin so he won't be able to swim.” I was so sad I went to the room that he was in and said “unlucky bro.”

He was asleep so he didn’t hear me. I went out of the room that he was in, I didn’t know what I went in there for, just to see him properly.

A year has gone by and Frank is ok he can swim again. THE END