Thursday, March 23, 2017

Arctic Circle

  WALT Vary my sentence beginnings, structure and length.

As I turned my handle a fresh juicy apple popped out. I grabbed it and I ate it all it was very yummy suddenly a mystery box came out of nowhere. I touch it and it gave me magical powers and I was freaking out and I accidentally touched the tree. The tree had grow lots of juicy apples so I took some apples and bite through it just in case. It was pretty good so I looked at the box and I said “come here” but it didn't respond and the light box was moving.So I chased it but the box was still moving away. So I ran in front of it and I caught it and I was so happy because I can have apples for days.But suddenly my feet turn into glowing orange blocks I was really scared because I was going to die.Then my other half turn into blocks too then my head turn into a block.

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