Friday, March 31, 2017

Tom Trueheart

Tom Trueheart
I am a small boy named Tom I am small like a thumb because an evil wizard turned me so small I was so angry. Anyways Here is my pet bird he’s really cool because he can do tricks like go throw a hoop and other cool stuff. Oh No it's the wizard that turned me so small I hide under the bed and I ben quit the wizard was looking for me but he didn't find me but he took my family into the forest and into his castle. I was scared to go in there but i'm small.I had a plan to get my 6 brothers I can fly my bird to the evil wizard castle as I walked to my pet bird I saw light from a distinct it was really shiny so I walked to it and it was a magical silver sword.I picked it up and I took it inside and I put it in a case to protect it and I took it with me. I jumped on my bird and I got some food it was yummy because it was KFC I had fried chicken and some spicy chicken the chicken was creche as a chip.I dropped some on my bird and he ate it all I was really angry because it was the best bit anyways me and my bird flyed out of the house. I was scared because the snow was really heavy and I said I will go tomorrow but my bird did not listen then a leaf fell down I said AAAAAA!!!!!!!! but my bird doge it. Then I saw the  castle it had guards protecting but me and my pet bird flyed over them then the other guards saw me they were trying to shot me with there crossbow but my bird doge them then I got my sword out and my bird got close to them and I swiped them they were dead. I saw my brothers in a cage so I went down there and I saw a keyhole so need a key to open the cage but the wizard had it he was a sleep so I had a chance to get the key. I went in side of his room and the key was next to him so I need to be quiet. I tiptoe to his bed and I took his key I was nervous and it was small key too I went the cage and I unlocked it and they were free. I jumped back on my pet bird and flyed a way and my 6 brothers ran very fast they were tired but I didn't care.As I was flying my pet bird my bird was hungry lucky I berg some KFC chicken THE END.  

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