Friday, May 5, 2017


I am a big robot and I am sleeping in my container with some more robots. Suddenly I heard a noisy but I didn’t get up because I was too tired to get up but some more robots heard it and got up and saying “What is that noise?” I said
“Don't worry about it” Then I heard people coming over. So we got out of the  container and hid. Then the people come over and opened the container. They said “Where are they?” We went thro the escape hole and then I touch his back and he got scared for some reason.

I'm just a robot, then all of the robots got out from the place they were hiding from and then they started to fight the pirates. The pirates were fighting back but we were winning. I went to the captain I touch his back and pointed out side he was really shocked then I knocked him out with my metal fist then we went back to sleep.         

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